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Indiana Bald Eagles

Got these pictures here locally out by Hardy Lake.  I have had the opportunity to see a nesting pair of Bald Eagles while on vacation down in Texas a few years ago.  I never thought I would find a nesting pair here in Indiana especially close enough to see on a frequent basis if I wanted to.  Spent about 4 hours observing and waiting to get some pics.  After the first outing, I realized that even with a 2x extender, I still didn’t have enough lens.  My friend from work and I went in half and rented a 300 2.8 lens and got the results you see here.  I have researched a lot and am confident at picking out the male and female and know they should have some eaglets soon.  I do not want to disturb them and only plan to go shooting again when they are hatched.


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Sarah and Jackson

Sarah N Lil Jack

Beach Pics at Cape Hatteras

Here is a pic from our recent vacation to Cape Hatteras North Carolina.  We got to spend a wonderful week with family and Sarah and our precious Grandson Jackson.  We love ’em both to death.  He was actually very well behaved for this photo session and I will post some more pics later.  He just turned four in April by the way.

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Politicians never learn!

I guess politicians will never learn.  Our President, Mr. Obama, is still determined to get health care passed.  I guess that the results in Mass. were still not enough to put this bill to an end.  During his “State of the Union” address he stated that he couldn’t give up and implored all the inhabitants of this building (the Capitol) not to give up either.  When will these extreme left-wing liberals get the message?  Does it take a full landslide in November 2010 to sink it into their elitist skulls?  The American people have spoken three separate times with Sen. elect Brown being the most unwavering of the messages yet.  If the Dem candidate can’t win in Massachusetts to keep it going, then they really should kill it and start over.  Above is a picture I took while I was on vacation down in San Antonio that sums up how the majority of the country feels about health care reform.  Sadly, Mr. Obama still hasn’t learned the message.  I guess between now and November we will have to keep up our vigilance to make sure this monstrosity doesn’t get passed.  Can’t wait till the November elections and always remember the Tea Party People and the rest of us Conservatives will be watching out for the rest of the country!  Don’t Tread on Us or do so at your own peril!

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Upper Deadman’s Falls, Hanover College, Hanover, IN

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Horseshoe Falls, Hanover, IN


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Crowe Falls Fall Color


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Brushcreek Resevoir Waterfall


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Red River Gorge

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Final Mission!


Well, I have finally completed my last mission.  As I sit here at 0400 on my 43rd birthday and type this post, my time here is rapidly coming to an end.  My final journey was to BIAP and back and was uneventful!  I am glad as everyone is that we are finally getting a break and will not be going into harm’s way any more.  We have but a few more ceremonies and the final TOA (transfer of authority) and voila, we are complete!  We have just under a week left to spend here and then its back to Kuwait and then the big freedom bird back to the real world and our families!  Thanks so much for all of you who have supported me and the rest of the guys with packages, emails, phone calls, thoughts and prayers.  You will never know how much it is appreciated!  Just remember to give your loved ones a little time to adjust before you overwhelm them with requests for their time.  They have all earned the right to be a little stingy and selfish when it comes to outside activities.  Just look ’em in the eye and say you are proud of them for serving and that you love them!  Looking forward to getting home myself and seeing the wife, my daughter’s family (especially Lil Jack), my dogs Sadie and Erin, and shooting some basketball pic of the Southwestern Lady Rebels!  Thanks again to all those who sent an email or some form of support and prayer.  Take care and I will see you all very soon!  SSG James Terrell, A Troop 1-152 Cav, 76th Inf Bde, Indiana National Guard

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Another Month Down!

Hello to all! Just a quick note to say that I’m doing fine and it is finally September!  We are getting real short as to our time remaining in this country.  They say we will be home for Thanksgiving and it won’t be soon enough for me!  I can’t wait to get back and get to shooting pictures again.  This pic shows me in the hatch of an Armored Security Vehicle (ASV for short) before a mission a while back.  Obviously, I am not the photgrapher but its hard to get pictures of yourself sometimes!  Thanks to all the people who keep supporting us with their prayers, letters, and emails.  It is really good to know what is going on back in our own worlds.  Also I wish to say congrats to my daughter Sarah and her husband Barrett for both graduating from Baylor University this year!  I’m really proud of them both!  And Lil’ Jack has started eating pizza as of late I hear from Grammy Jo’.  They dont stay young for long!  Everyone take care and I hope to see you all at Thanksgiving!  Later, JT

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